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101 Optimal Life Foods 30 health issues pointed by the author have been categorized into seven health problems. Each problem has been addressed separately and ways to cure them by eating right food is mentioned.
21 Day Diet The basic rule of this eating program is to eliminate junk and processed food completely and instead eat natural products.
4 Hour Body Diet The 4 Hour Body is a low carb diet. According to the Tim Ferris, by following his diet program, you can lose up to 20 pounds in just 30 days.
5 Day Miracle Diet The diet program is not for duration of 5 days, as the name suggests, but it denotes the time period required for the blood sugar in your body to stabilize.
7 Secrets To Beauty, Health and Longevity The author has a separate chapter for seven different factors that according to him should be dealt with to delay the ageing impact on the appearance of people.
Acai Berry Diet Acai berries are very good antioxidants and thus they will be very useful while undertaking a weight loss or cleansing diet program.
Acid Reflux Diet Through the acid reflux diet program, Jamie seeks to help the people who are suffering with this disease to reduce the symptoms by dietary modifications and still enjoy good food.
Anti Cancer Diet David Servan-Schreiber mentions an anti cancer diet and other lifestyle changes that should be incorporated in one’s life to prevent development of cancer in the body.
Anti-Estrogenic Diet The whole anti-estrogenic diet plan focuses on the concept of maintaining the balance of estrogen in the body so as to maximize the effects of healthy living.
New Me Diet The New Me Diet works on the concept of metabolic effect. This is the state when hormonal functions help in losing weight and maintaining good health.
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