Finally Thin! Diet

Finally Thin Diet Background

Finally ThinFinally Thin!: How I Lost More than 200 Pounds and Kept them Off—and How You Can, Too is an inspirational book authored by Kim Bensen. She’s no fitness trainer or nutritionist, but she definitely has a lot to share in terms of tips and tricks to successful weight loss.

The best weight loss success stories come from average people who struggled through obesity or being overweight and were able to win over unhealthy eating and living. Bensen narrates her life story; her countless attempts to lose all the excess weight and her battle against unhealthy lifestyle. It is not your average weight loss fad that is packaged in a book, but rather an encouraging story dedicated to individuals who just want to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Finally Thin Diet Basics

Finally Thin! is a book for anyone who desires a slimmer and healthier body. It provides the readers with tried and tested weight loss measures but also offers insights about how an ideal weight loss program should be. The book does not mention any support to fad diets and programs that are available to the masses. It does offer useful information on good and healthy weight loss programs that dieters are encouraged to try out. Bensen believes that the diet programs listed on her book all have their own merits. The effectiveness of all these weight loss plans depends on the outlook and mindset of the individual using it.

Finally Thin! is absolutely not a weight loss program but is an inspirational guide book instead. Readers are free to choose a diet program that suits their weight loss goals and health needs. Dieters are highly encouraged to read through Finally Thin! while strictly adhering to their chosen weight loss programs.

Finally Thin! is subdivided into three chapters. In the first chapter, Bensen tells her life before weight loss. She openly narrates her difficulty doing normal daily activities. At 347 pounds, she was unable to perform what typical housewives do on a daily basis. Her health was badly suffering as her blood cholesterol levels were dangerously high.  Bensen was brutally honest in her book and was not ashamed of the things that she had to go through in the past. This chapter of the book is well-loved by readers who are suffering from obesity as it inspires them to make long-term weight loss goals that are custom-made according to their preference and needs.

The second chapter of Finally Thin! chronicles the author’s fun, enjoyable, and yet healthy weight loss adventure. Although Bensen was able to successfully lose weight with the help of Weight Watchers, she never marketed the said program to be used by her readers. Again, everything that she placed in her book is according to facts and events of her life. It is also in the second chapter of the book that Bensen makes a list of the top 30 diet programs on the market. She provides juicy pieces of facts about these programs. This gives her readers useful overviews of diet plans so they can make wise choices and decisions too. Lastly, Finally Thin! chapter 2 also provides Bensen’s 10 steps to success. The list s a helpful general outline of the concepts that she followed in order to lose all 212 pounds of excess weight in a manner that is both fun and healthy.

Bensen’s top ten steps to success are as follows:

  1. Identifying a specific diet program that suits your weight loss needs and desires.
  2. Setting realistic and achievable goals.
  3. Formulating an organized and fun diet meal plan.
  4. Improving one’s environment.
  5. Identifying a support group.
  6.  Performing exercises and daily physical activities.
  7. Eating light
  8. Learning how to say NO to food cravings and hunger pangs
  9. Developing an increase sense of motivation
  10. Keeping health habits for life to keep the weight off

The steps provided by Bensen are broad. However this is the case, once a reader identifies a weight loss program, he or she can simply pattern and incorporate the next 9 steps to it.  The simplicity of the book makes it a worthwhile read for individuals who are in dire need to lose weight permanently.

The third chapter of Finally Thin! is a collection of recipes that people can try out and include in their very own meal plan. Readers will surely find and use dishes that they can whip up at home to help them in their weight loss efforts.

Exercise Recommendations

Bensen stressed in her book that weight loss is clearly impossible to achieve without proper and adequate exercise. A healthy weight loss program should always include aerobic and strength training exercises. A balance in these two types of workout will absolutely benefit a dieter in terms of weight loss and also help them develop strength, stamina, balance, and coordination among others.

The book cites that a healthy meal plan is useless if not partnered with a well-implemented workout routine. Dieters are free to choose any exercise strategy which they think is fun and enjoyable to perform. Bensen believes that working out should be made fun and enjoyable. Performing energizing workouts keeps a dieter’s motivation up at all times, making them least likely to fall off the weight loss wagon.

Recommended Foods

Vegetables, fruit, salsa, pork tenderloin, turkey, egg beaters, fat-free yogurt, sugar-free pudding, chicken breast, cocoa powder, kidney beans, fat-free salad dressing, Bensen’s light bread, fat-free mayonnaise, cannelini beans, fat-free cooking spray. whole wheat pasta, nonfat milk, fat-free cheese, walnuts, Splenda, soy sauce.

Finally Thin Diet Sample Meal Plan


Breakfast burrito
Fresh fruit


Chop chop salad with shrimp

Afternoon Snack

Summer salsa with Bensen’s light bagel chips


Spinach stuffed chicken breasts


Fat-free pound cake

Cost and Expenses

Finally Thin!: How I Lost More Than 200 Pounds and Kept Them Off–and How You Can, Too by Kim Bensen is available in paperback at for $11.08.

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Pros and Cons

A lot of fitness experts find the book as a very useful tool that should be included in anyone’s weight loss program. Although not everybody is convinced that it will truly make a difference in their lives, Finally Thin! is generally a very inspiring material to read at the least.


  • Complements any type of weight loss program on the market
  • Dieters are free to choose a weight loss plan based on personal beliefs and preferences
  • Produced and written by an average individual that actually lost weight and was able to keep it off for good
  • A truly encouraging and uplifting book for dieters
  • Points out the importance of exercise as an important ingredient to achieve weight loss


  • There is no included specific meal plan that dieters can actually follow
  • Written with only female dieters in mind
  • Recipes included in the book are not for everybody. People who suffer from lactose intolerance or certain food allergies will be unable to follow some of Bensen’s recipes as they contain dairy and nuts as ingredients


Finally Thin! is an absolutely helpful guide for those who want to lose weight and keep them off for good. Although the book does not promote a specific weight loss and exercise program, it still keeps dieters informed about the foundations and basics of what a weight loss program should be.

The tips and tricks that Bensen used on her weight loss journey are very useful too. In summary, it is an inspiring book that can truly encourage obese and overweight individuals to make the right decisions on order to lose weight and change their lives for the better. Click here now to start the Finally Thin Diet.

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