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Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly Fat Background

Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly

Highly-acclaimed neurosurgeon Larry McCleary’s book, “Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly Fat” proposes a healthy eating & diet weight loss program that is mainly designed to specifically target the link between eating and the brain.

According to his research, the calories you eat bypass the brain, which leads to calories being stored in your fat cells. In the Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly Fat book, Dr. McCleary also explains how exactly the fat cells transport ‘confused’ messages to the brain which in turn causes you to feel hungry and overeat, leading you to put on excess weight.

The innovative outlook proposed by this healthy food & fitness weight loss system is backed by clinical trials performed on a group called the ‘Biggest Losers’ and aims to help dieters in making more informed choices concerning healthy diet and exercise principles.

As stated in the Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly Fat book, the only guaranteed weight loss program is one that helps your body avoid producing those ‘sticky fat cells’, and not those advising you to eat less.

Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly Fat Basics

The Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly Fat diet posits that weight gain and cognitive issues are actual components of one problem. Dr. McClearly states that you gain weight and become fat due to consuming excessive carbohydrates and sugar that stimulates your brain to depend on outer energy sources that will be stored as fat when too much of it is produced in your body.

Likewise, cognitive issues like Alzheimer’s also arise because your brain constantly requires glucose in order for your body to function. The high carbohydrate diet required to satisfy this empty craving sends hunger signals to your brain which leads to overeating and subsequently, diminished brain capacity.

According to the Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly Fat diet, the trick is a healthy eating & diet plan that includes healthy fats, vegetables, protein, and plenty of high fiber fruits. This way, your body can begin to reprogram itself to burn more stored fat, while preventing your body from sending hunger signals to your brain, which causes overeating. To further explain this, Dr. McCleary utilized insulin to better understand blood sugar levels and fat storage.

More sugar translates to more insulin for dealing with excess sugar, which in turn sends a message to your body to accumulate fat since high levels of blood sugar means your body is only relying on external energy sources, as opposed to internal energy sources. On the other hand, less sugar means your body is capable of burning fat using internal energy sources enough to make you feel full between meals.

The Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly Fat diet claims that people lose weight when this cycle is balanced. In this light, the book proposes a 7-day meal plan, a comprehensive list of allowed and restricted foods, and recipes. The healthy eating & diet plan provided by the book primarily involves the consumption of low-glycemic carbohydrates and healthy fats in a ratio higher than 2:1.

The diet’s macronutrient breakdown is 55-65% healthy fats, 15-25% low-glycemic carbohydrates, and 20% protein. While the Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly Fat diet is high in fats, it also offers particular guidelines on what fats you are allowed to eat. Healthy fats allowed in this healthy eating & diet weight loss program include those sourced from fish, seeds, nuts, and avocado, while foods that have trans fat should be strictly avoided.

Moreover, the Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly Fat diet offers an in-depth explanation on why people who eat so little can still have a difficult time losing belly fat and excess weight. Dr. McCleary also explains why weight loss programs like the low-fat, calorie-restricted diets, high-fat, calorie-restricted diet, cruise ship diet, total starvation diet, and the common American diet just don’t work. The diet also recommends the intake of a host of vitamins and supplements.

Exercise Recommendations

The Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly Fat diet encourages moderate exercise so that dieters, regardless of their current fitness levels, will have a stable exercise regimen that they can use as a foundation as they progress through the diet and exercise weight loss program.

This weight loss system recommends that you perform 30 up to 50 minutes of walking thrice a week, 20 to 30 minutes of resistance training twice a week, and 10 minutes of agility and balance exercises several times a week.

Recommended Foods

Vegetables, fruit, canola oil, flaxseed oil, tuna, green tea, olives, dark chocolate, red wine, legumes, ostrich, trans-fat free margarine, butter, plain yogurt, olive oil, venison, mackerel, chicken, turkey, sardines, cheese, lamb, pork, trout, lean beef, buffalo, nuts, avocado, herbs and spices, seeds, salmon, and coconut oil.

Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly Fat Sample Meal Plan


Frozen berry smoothie


Nectarine ginger chicken salad

Afternoon Snack

¼ cup walnut halves
1 inch cube sharp cheddar cheese
1 Gala apple


Broiled Minty Tuna
Broiled Asparagus Stalks
Sautéed Yellow Squash with Gruyere Cheese


Cantaloupe with Cardamom

Cost and Expenses

Feed Your Brain, Lose Your Belly By Larry McCleary is available in paperback at Amazon.com for $16.29.

Click here to purchase the book at a discounted price.


  • The Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly Fat weight loss program promotes both healthy eating and fitness habits.
  • Promotes a high intake of low-glycemic carbohydrates, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Explains in-depth, the benefits you get from eating healthy fats.
  • The healthy eating & diet principles proposed by the weight loss system are founded on scientific research. The clinical trials performed to prove the diet plan’s effectiveness are thoroughly explained in the book.
  • The author, Dr. Larry McCleary is a critically acclaimed neurosurgeon.
  • Provides a 7-day meal plan, along with recipes.


  • Diets that encourage high fat intake are associated with increased chances of diabetes and heart disease.
  • Recommends using somewhat expensive vitamins and supplements for better and faster results.
  • The eating plan proposed by the Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly diet requires giving up foods such as pasta, bread, desserts, and potatoes.


The Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly Fat weight loss program offers a well-explained insight on the brain-body connection that is backed by scientific research. Likewise, the diet’s concept of consuming a high amount of healthy fats in order to support maximum brain function and promote healthy eating to achieve weight loss is backed by a 6-week clinical trial that successfully proved the diet’s claim.

On the other hand, the weight loss system’s effectiveness and general safety was not sufficiently evaluated in the book.  In addition, because the diet is high in fat, it poses increased chances of acquiring diseases related to high fat intake.

However, the Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly Fat diet carefully explains the flaws in other popular diets, promotes moderate exercise, and encourages dieters to eat healthy, which is a winning weight loss formula. Click here now to start the Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly Diet.

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