Fat Smash Diet

Fat Smash Diet Background

Fat Smash DietThe Fat Smash Diet is a healthy eating and diet weight loss program that is 90 days long. This eating & diet plan is divided into 4 phases specifically developed to ‘smash’ your bad eating and fitness habits, so that you will be capable of making more informed choices concerning healthy food & fitness principles.

Ian Smith, M.D. is the brains behind the book, Fat Smash Diet: The Last Diet You’ll Ever Need. He created this weight loss program after his stint as a judge and weight loss consultant for the popular VH1 TV program Celebrity Fit Club.

The Fat Smash Diet weight loss program is a flexible, well-balanced, and healthy eating and diet plan that involves the intake of unlimited vegetables and fruits. It proposes portion control to regulate your calorie intake and emphasizes that diet and exercise will help you lose weight.

According to Dr. Smith, you can lose around 6 to 10 pounds during the diet’s 1st phase and reap the following benefits:

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Detoxification of your body
  • Knowledge about easy to follow skills for weight maintenance
  • Reduced risk of diseases associated with bad eating and fitness habits
  • A healthier and manageable lifestyle

Fat Smash Diet Basics

Phase 1: Detoxification

The 1st phase of the Fat Smash Diet is called the detox or detoxification stage. It is developed to effectively cleanse impurities or toxins in your body, as well as bad eating & diet habits to prepare and cleanse your body for the next phases of the healthy eating and diet plan.

In this phase, you assess your diet by reducing your caloric intake and by drinking plenty of water. You should also eat 4 to 5 small meals spaced 3 hours apart, even if you are hungry or not. It must also be noted that skipping meals is a definite no-no in all phases of the diet.

Foods to be eaten in this phase of the Fat Smash Diet should be prepared steamed, grilled, or raw and never fried. Fats should be restricted to 3 tablespoons daily, along with 1-2 teaspoons of healthy fats like olive oil each day. This phase lasts for 9 days, but you can lengthen the duration to more than 9 days, like 2 weeks more as you see fit.

Phase 2: Foundation

The 2nd phase of the Fat Smash Diet and exercise plan is the Foundation phase that lasts for 3 weeks. In this diet phase, additional healthy food choices will be introduced to your diet plan in phase 1. You will also be maintaining your consumption of 4 to 5 small meals daily. The foundation phase will establish your healthy food & fitness habits that you can easily maintain for a healthy lifestyle.

Phase 3: Construction

Phase 3 of the Fat Smash Diet eating & diet weight loss program is called the Construction phase that lasts for 4 weeks. In this phase, you still maintain the diet and exercise principles introduced in the first 2 phases, but with the introduction of more food choices in your meal plans.

In the construction phase, your meal portions will be relatively larger, but will still be restricted to specific food types. It is in this food & fitness diet phase that you will be allowed to eat bread and pasta, plus one dessert daily as recommended in the list of sweets provided by the healthy eating and diet plan.

Phase 4: The Temple

The Temple and last phase of the Fat Smash Diet healthy weight loss program lasts for the remainder of the 90-day plan. Previously forbidden foods such as pizza, beer, and wine can now be consumed, but in limited portions. Likewise, eating small meals 4 to 5 times daily, exercising, controlling food portions, and not skipping meals should still be followed.

Dr. Smith states that the Temple phase is where you start maintaining the healthy eating and fitness habits you’ve been following in the last 3 diet phases so that all the weight you lost will not come back.

On the other hand, if you didn’t reach your desired weight goal at the conclusion of the 90-day weight loss program, you are advised to return to phase 1 of the Fat Smash Diet and start again.

Exercise Recommendations

The key to successful weight loss programs is the right combination of eating and fitness habits, focused most on aerobic, fat burning exercises, as proposed by the Fat Smash Diet.

In phase 1, dieters will have to perform aerobic exercises for 30 minutes, 5 times weekly. Likewise, a 20 to 25 minute walk after eating dinner is also recommended to increase the body’s metabolic activity. In phase 2 of the diet, exercise will be increased around 10% to 15% or 35 minutes, 5 times weekly.

In phase 3 of the Fat Smash Diet, dieters will have to exercise for 45 minutes every day. It is also highly recommended to exercise twice daily to further promote rapid weight loss. In the last phase of the diet, dieters should perform an hour of exercise, which involves weight training, 5 times weekly.

Fat Smash Diet Sample Meal Plan


Scrambled egg whites with salsa
1/2 cup skim milk or 1 cup decaf green tea


Fat free yogurt w/ a banana


1 cup brown rice with 1 cup Creole beans

Afternoon Snack

Apple & fruit cup


Bowl of lentil soup

Evening Drink

Cup of herbal tea

Costs and Expenses

The Fat Smash Diet: The Last Diet You’ll Ever Need by Ian K. Smith is available in paperback at Amazon.com for $5.98.

Click here to purchase the book at a discounted price.


  • The Fat Smash Diet is specifically developed not only promote rapid weight loss, but also to help you in making more informed choices with regards to a healthier lifestyle that is easily maintained.
  • The proposed diet plan is nutritionally sound, with lots of vegetables and fruits.
  • Explains why a healthy diet, coupled with exercise is a surefire way to lose weight.
  • Counting calories and skipping meals are highly discouraged.
  • The Fat Smash Diet book includes a body mass index chart (BMI) for weight loss goal setting, information on foods’ fiber content to effectively increase your fiber intake, information on food labels and nutrition, 83 pages of menu plans and recipes, and charts for calorie expenditure concerning typical exercise routines.


  • May be too difficult for most people to stick to, mostly during the detoxification or 1st phase.
  • Food choices may be too limited for most people.
  • It is relatively impossible to eat out during phases 1 and 2 because of food restrictions.
  • Some recipes are inconsistent with regards to allowed and forbidden ingredients.
  • No scientific evidence supports the diet’s claim that your body will be detoxified during phase 1.


Although relatively hard to start and follow, the Fat Smash Diet truly offers dieters the chance to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Likewise, because the healthy eating and diet plan provided by the diet emphasizes consumption of lean meats, whole grain foods, vegetables, fruits, exercise, and portion control, this weight loss program is pretty much scientifically sound. Click here now to start The Fat Smash Diet.

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