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Fat Loss Factor Background

The Fat Loss Factor healthy eating and diet plan is an online weight loss system developed by Dr. Michael Allen, along with his wife, Lori Allen. This comprehensive weight loss program introduces you to healthy eating and fitness habits combined with supportive, supplemental activities like stress management and goal setting to push you into making more informed choices when it comes to food & fitness principles for losing weight.

Fat Loss FactorWith the Fat Loss Factor weight loss program, you are actually offered a choice between 4 levels of difficulty which includes Beginner, Intermediate, Rapid weight loss, and Extreme weight loss. You will have to pick the level you want to start with, which will be highly dependent on how fast you want to lose your excess weight and the amount of weight you want to lose.

The main focus of the healthy eating and diet plan provided by the Fat Loss Factor weight loss program is understanding how your body’s metabolism work and how you can control it with the right eating and fitness habits. Likewise, it also tells you that starving yourself to lose weight and shed several inches off your body is not and will never be the right approach to healthy weight loss.

Arguably, the appeal of the Fat Loss Factor online weight management program is that you are allowed to eat your favorite foods and exercise three times weekly for 30 minutes to lose weight and improve your health all at the same time.

Fat Loss Factor Basics

When you purchase the Fat Loss Factor healthy weight loss program, you get:

  • The full course of the Fat Loss Factor healthy eating and diet plan.
  • Healthy weight loss blueprints developed for your specific weight loss experience.
  • 3 videos demonstrating the Master Cleanse process of the Fat Loss Factor weight loss system.
  • The FooJoo software to aid you in selecting healthy meals when you eat in fast food restaurants.
  • A workout guide, along with a Personal Exercise Log which includes workouts you can perform in 15 minutes to help you lose weight more effectively.
  • The Fat Loss Factor program Goal Setting Guide.
  • A shopping list and recipe guide to help you prepare your healthy meals.
  • A form for measurements to monitor the healthy body and weight dimensions specific to you.

The Fat Loss Factor healthy eating & diet weight loss system starts off with the most vital step which is 2 weeks of strictly eating natural foods. The main goal of the 2 weeks stage is to aid you in increasing your immune system, removing toxins from your body, increasing your energy levels, losing extra weight, enhancing your sleep patterns, and breaking your emotional connection with food.

In the first 2 weeks of the healthy eating and diet plan, you will strictly eat only organic vegetables, raw seeds, raw nuts, olive and coconut oils, and legumes. You should avoid all meat, bread, sugar, grains, eggs, dairy products, and artificial sweeteners. Likewise, you are only allowed to drink reverse osmosis and spring water.

On the other hand, if you want to start at the difficult level of either the rapid weight loss or extreme weight loss, you can incorporate 3 days minimum of the Master Cleanse or lemonade diet. This is a fasting diet that involves drinking a concoction of freshly squeezed lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup.

In addition, you are not required to perform strenuous exercises on the first 2 weeks of the Fat Loss Factor weight loss program. Instead, it is recommended that you walk about 30 to 60 minutes daily, outdoors whenever possible.

After the first 2 weeks of the weight loss program, you move on to the next stage which is the ‘Lifestyle Un-Diet’ that will last for 12 weeks. This healthy eating and diet stage involves eating healthy fats, low glycemic index carbohydrates, lean proteins, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits.

You should also consume most of your caloric intake earlier in the day, eat small meals round-the-clock, with something raw at each meal and drink plenty of water. This stage also allows you one cheat day every week.

The Fat Loss Factor weight loss program also states that in the event that you have not reached the weight loss goal you set for yourself at the start of the diet program, you should assess your diet progress and try to determine where you went wrong and learn from them and then begin with the weight loss system once again.

Exercise Recommendations

The Fat Loss Factor online weight loss program recognizes that exercise is a must for every healthy eating and diet plan to work because it improves your confidence, reduces stress, tones and builds muscles, and enhances metabolic activity.

This weight loss system provides 3 different, 12-week strength exercises for beginners, intermediate, and advanced exercisers. The exercises only take about 35 to 60 minutes that should be done thrice a week which are performed mostly on machines.

Recommended Foods

Fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, salmon, organic free range eggs, organic free range poultry, legumes, nuts, butter, herb tea, stevia, whey protein, organic and low-fat dairy products, coconut oil, whole grains, flaxseed oil, tuna, honey, organic grass-fed meat, maple syrup, hemp protein, seeds.

Fat Loss Factor Sample Meal Plan


Scrambled eggs
Fresh blueberries

Morning Snack

1 apple
2 tablespoons almond butter


Chicken Caesar wrap

Afternoon Snack

Raw carrots and hummus


Rice pilaf
Asian salmon

Costs and Expenses

Fat Loss Factor by Dr. Michael Allen is available for $39.

Click here to purchase the Fat Loss Factor ebook for immediate download.


  • The Fat Loss Factor includes 4 different healthy eating and diet options that you can choose from.
  • The workout system is personalized to your present fitness level.
  • Promotes eating fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as organic foods.
  • Encourages writing a journal and setting goals which are related to increased chances of faster weight loss.
  • Gives tips and tricks to create your own weight management lifestyle
  • Promotes relaxation and stress management techniques.
  • Provides you with a grocery list and recipes for planning your healthy meals.


  • Although the Fat Loss Factor weight loss system package is relatively affordable in itself, you will have to spend more money to buy organic foods.
  • The Advanced diet option of the fat loss program includes fasting for 3 days.
  • Does not provide a specific meal plan.
  • Requires you to have your own workout machines or a gym membership for you to follow the recommended workout.


The Fat Loss Factor program is truly a comprehensive, healthy eating and diet weight loss system that can work for everyone because it can be personalized to different people’s fitness levels and weight loss goals. The Fat Loss Factor diet plan also encourages healthy eating and fitness habits, stress management and goal setting so it may be easier for most people to stick with the program for a longer time. Click here now to start the Fat Loss Factor Diet.

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