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Below is a list of all the diets reviewed by godietplans.com:

100 Calorie Diet This diet advices to eat portions which count up to only 100 calories.
1200 Calorie Diet This diet advocates a daily intake of 1200 calories.
17 Day Diet A diet created by Dr. Mike Monroe that revolves around a diet cycle of 4 phases of 17 days each.
18 Pounds In 4 Days This diet plan is a four- day diet and it strictly restricts calories. It involves a sincere intake of vegetables topped with lean proteins and small portions of fruits.
3 Apple A Day Diet The 3 apple a day diet is purely based on the nutritional benefits provided by the fruit.
4 Day Diet The 4 day diet by Ian Smith consists of 7 phases of which are 4 days long each to reduce weight.
400 Calorie Fix The diet follows a very simple process: it involves the intake of 3-4 meals a day; each meal should consist of 400 calories or less.
5 Factor Diet The diet promises effective results in a span of five weeks only. It comprises of common sense advice regarding better eating habits and becoming more active.
5 Factor World Diet Five is the key here; there are five meals to a day, five core ingredients and just 5 minutes for preparation.
80 10 10 Diet 80 10 10 Diet plan is just not about following a diet plan but about a total change in lifestyle by special emphasis on sleep, sunlight exposure, exercise and maintenance of the right frame of mind.
Alpha Male Challenge This is a three-part program which gives equal emphasis on exercise, diet and attitude or mint-set.
Alternate Day Diet The Alternate Day Diet, as the name suggests, one needs to control their calorie intake to 20% – 50% of their normal intake on alternate days or the ‘down days’.
Are You Ready Bob Harper Diet Bob Harper guides the reader to work to identify the root cause of what is keeping you fat.
Banana Diet Hitoshi Watanabe and Sumiko assert that by just having a banana with lukewarm water or at room temperature, it is possible to lose weight irrespective of what you eat the rest of the day.
Beck Diet Solution Beck diet focuses on the emotional and psychological factor as much as just changing the menu for your meals.
Belly Fat Cure The Belly Fat Cure aims to keep the insulin levels in the body in balance by cutting sugar intake.
Believe It Be It Ali Vincent, the first winner of “The Biggest Loser”, gives inspiration to those who find themselves caught in a similar situation as Ali was.
Big Breakfast Diet The diet plan claims that the dieters can lose weight by having anything as long as they are having it before 9 am.
Bikjni Bootcamp The Bikini Bootcamp program focuses on healthy eating, meditation, exercises and some motivation tools to promise weight loss of 4 to 10 pounds in two weeks time.
Birchall Diet The plan concentrates on how the diet should ideally work and what one should do to lose weight. The Birchill Diet uses the body’s own mechanism to control weight.
Brazilian Bikini Body Diet Meant as a lifestyle plan, to eat, exercise and have a stress free life the Brazilian way to encourage a Brazilian toned body.
Bread For Life Diet A high-carb diet program; concentrating on complex carbohydrates; with bread being a major part of the meals.
Brown Fat Revolution Diet Alternating between “carb days” and “protein days” to increase our brown fat vs yellow fat ratio.
Cabbage Soup Diet This diet extends over only 7 days and its meals are mainly made up by cabbage soup.
Cardio Free Diet This diet advocates avoiding cardio while increasing the protein and calcium intake including high-fiber carbs.
Cheater’s Diet The dieter engage in high level of physical activity as well as eat a low calorie diet, however on weekends they can give in to their guilty pleasures and eat whatever they want.
Chocolate Diet A controlled method of eating chocolate to lose weight.
Coconut Oil Diet The coconut diet is truly based on the special nutrients and fats provided by pure coconut oil.
Core Balance Diet The Core Balance Diet reveals the 6 common biochemical imbalances hindering weight loss.
Crack The Fat Loss Code The alternative intake of carbohydrates and calories helps the dieter to lose weight, while taking a good diet and avoiding the starvation mode.
CSIRO Diet The CSIRO diet is carbohydrate limited in nature rather than being a low carb diet, it contains fairly low quantities of glycemic index carbohydrate.
Curves Diet The Curve diet plan is a two phase system which rigidly focuses on muscle building, boosting energy and maintaining high levels of metabolism.
Designer Diet This diet is custom made for people keeping their particulars in mind like body type, lifestyle, budget, meal preferences etc.
Diet Joke This diet emphasizes on how weight can be checked by having a sensible diet rather than adopting complex measures or making oneself starve.
Dr Seigal’s Cookie Diet Special cookies and shakes and other supplements which are used to reduce hunger.
News Abs Diet David Zinczenko who is the editor in chief of the Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazine lays down the plan to get the perfect abs by just adding certain changes to your dietary routine.
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