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Beauty Detox Solution Beauty Detox Solution focuses on selecting food that can be easily digested and then consuming them in right combination and order.
Clean Diet Dr. Junger developed clean diet which is a detoxification program designed for 21 days.
Clean, Green and Lean The Clean Lean and Green shows several methods which can be used to get rid of the excess pounds by reducing the toxic load on the body.
Detox For Women The basis on which Detox for Women diet is developed is to set right the microbial imbalance in the body.
Eat Stop Eat Brad Pilon concluded that restricting calorie intake over a long period of time is the only proven nutritional way to ensure weight loss.
Eating For Energy The diet plan created by Yuri Elakaim focuses on energy enhancement in the body along with weight loss.
Everything Easy Cleanse Everything Easy Cleanse offers different types of cleansing diets,  which the dieters can opt for according to their requirements.
Fast Track Detox Diet The Fast Track Detox Diet has its fundamentals based on the methodology of correct fasting.
Lemonade Diet The lemonade diet is not a true weight loss diet program. It is more of a cleansing and detoxification program that helps in cleaning the internal system of the body.
Soak Your Nuts Soak Your Nuts is a 28-day detox program, in which she shares the practices through which she has helped her students to lose weight, fight health issues such as insomnia, sinusitis, insulin dependence, fibromyalgia and some skin problems.
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