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Curves Diet Background

Health and looks have been a major concern for many of us, so much so that we take to all kinds of bizarre diet systems to have that fit look and that envious body. For those who want the right curves, a healthy body and most importantly, a considerable reduction in weight, a book called “Curves: Permanent Results Without Permanent Dieting” written by Gary Heavin will prove to be the most effective option. Heavin is also the brainchild behind the Curves franchise of various women fitness centers.

The Curve diet plan is a two phase system which rigidly focuses on muscle building, boosting energy and maintaining high levels of metabolism. All this can be achieved by choosing between a high protein diet and a low carbohydrate diet, depending on personal choice and a doctor’s opinion which would state which diet would be better for your body as everybody has different energy needs and different metabolic rate. Whichever diet you choose, make sure that it should accompanied by regular physical exercise.

This diet plan will hence help you lose the desired amount of weight while maintaining the result and giving you graceful curves.

Curves Diet Basics

Curves DietTo get the best out of the diet plans and weight loss programs, you must be aware of the basics and backgrounds working behind them. The curves diet basics involve a self assessment test to be taken on part of the dieter before moving head-on towards the diet plan. Such a self assessment will determine whether you as a dieter are calorie sensitive or carbohydrate sensitive depending on which you will be advised to follow either a low calorie diet or a high calorie/low carbohydrate diet. If you follow a calorie sensitive diet, you will be allowed an intake of only 60 gm of carbohydrates accompanied with 1200 calories which would be increased to 1600 after two weeks. A carbohydrate sensitive plan will allow an intake of carbohydrate rich food up to 20 grams for the first two weeks which should be carefully increased to 40-60 grams thereafter.

Both the plans require you to have six protein rich meals every day. Foods having a high carbohydrate or a high sweet content should be strictly avoided; they include the likes of bread, pasta, potatoes etc. This particular diet is not all about limitations, it allows you to freely gorge on green and healthy foods like spinach, lettuce, mushrooms, celery, cucumbers etc.

Exercise Recommendation

You should understand that that losing weight is no child’s play and that exercise and hard work is an indispensable part of the process of losing weight. The curves diet recommends a 30 minute exercise of Circuit training every week as a part of its fitness plan. Such exercises involve training on hydraulic resistance machines which are lined up in a circuit.

These resistance exercises are known to increase your lean muscle mass in order to boost your metabolism while burning calories. These exercises will also need you to have a set of resistance bands and a stopwatch. The trouble behind the work out sessions provided by the curves diet is that it helps to reduce only a small amount of calories. Estimates show that you get to burn only 184 calories which you intake when you consume small things like small candy, half donut or a bowl full of cereals. This amount is too less as compared to the calories which can be burnt using other regimes and following other diet plans or exercises.

Recommended Foods

Lean ham, chicken breast, lettuce, asparagus, protein shakes. spinach, cottage cheese, strawberries, bacon,, eggs, zucchini, onion, broccoli, mushrooms, tuna, lean beef, cantaloupe, turkey, salmon, cauliflower,

Curves Diet Sample Meal Plan


½ cup cottage cheese
½ cup strawberries

Morning Snack

Curves shake or similar protein shake


Large salad
Small can water-packed tuna

Afternoon Snack

2 stalks celery
2 tablespoons vegetable cream cheese


6 oz broiled chicken breast
Parmesan vegetable stir-fry

Evening Snack

3 oz lean ham

Costs and Expenses

It is always suggested to have a good idea and verified details before you shed your hard earned money. The curve weight loss centers require you to pay about $149 to avail the membership there. If you plan on buying the book by Heavin, it’ll cost you about $13.95; however, if you join any of the curves centers, you’ll be given a free copy of this book.


  • The Curves diet has proven commendable results with weight loss, all thanks to the high protein diet involved which keeps a check on appetite.
  • It does not let the muscles get overworked as the diet plan involves a  light exercise program.
  • It is a good fitness program for those who have already reached their ideal weight.
  • The exercises recommended by this diet can be easily performed at home and they do not need a lot of time investment.
  • This diet is specifically designed for women and very effectively addresses pregnancy and menopause issues.
  • It includes a specific meal plan closely outlining the recipes.
  • It provides very useful suggestions about diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and a lot more.


  • The meal plans specified by the Curves diet lack essential fatty elements, also, the diet doesn’t include suggestions for vegans or vegetarians.
  • The low carbohydrate diet does not prove to be effective for a lot of people as they find it difficult to cope with it.
  • This fitness program is not meant to slim down the obese people nor does it have the capacity for it.
  • There is absolute elimination and lack of nutritious foods like fruits, legumes and whole grains.
  • The Curves diet plan does not appeal to male readers or dieters.


The curves diet has a good reputation as far as most of the women dieters are concerned who have tremendously appreciated the exercising aspect of the diet plan. While some people find it easy to deal with, a lot are faced by problems due to the stringent and restricting diet lacking essential carbohydrates and fats. The curve diet is known to produce successful results but this but at times it’s not enough to make you lose a lot of weight a better and more serious exercise regime is needed for those who are obese. The timings of your daily work, eating habits and what you eat matters the most. Moreover, you should not forget that drinking ample amount water with regular exercise is what completes a  healthy body.

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