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Every man and woman wants to own that perfectly toned body. And this is not a target that can be achieved with their normal routine lifestyle. So, for the purpose one tends to turn to some or the other diet plan or exercise regimen, or perhaps a combination of both.

However, the results of following such plans are usually less than satisfactory. The reason: most of the dieters tend to either give up in the middle of their diet course; or to cheat on it. This is probably not their fault in the entirety.

Bread For LifeMost diets involve cutting down on the carbohydrates; which in turn excludes a number of foods that any normal person would crave for. The craving is, more often than not, accompanied by a degree of depression too. Both of these factors combined usually lead any dieter off the diet, for a while or completely; which leads to the failure of many diet plans.

Olga Roz, an Israeli nutritionist, claims her Bread for Life Diet successfully counters these very problems; thus promising it as an effective weight loss program.  Hers is a high-carb diet program; concentrating on complex carbohydrates; with bread being a major part of the meals.

Bread For Life Basic Theory

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, found in our nervous system. The release of this neurotransmitter in our bodies serves two purposes. Firstly, it results in the decrease of appetite (and thus cravings). And secondly, it is also a mood regulator, and quite often referred to as the ‘happy hormone’. Therefore, its release will not only keep you from feeling depressed; but rather make you feel better, more energetic as well as motivated to stick to the diet.

Carbs, of any kind, would anyway tend to alleviate the level of serotonin in the body. When consuming simple carbohydrates too, in the form of candies and cakes, the serotonin level does rise fast. However, its levels fall only a short while after, thus inducing even more craving. This would probably lead to weight gain than weight loss.

For using serotonin to our advantage, it is however important to eat foods that sustain higher level of it, for longer periods of time. And this is possible by consumption of complex carbohydrates. Bread along with other foods with a low-glycemic index, would keep dieters ‘happily’ satiated and the cravings at bay. And this is what the Bread for Life Diet is based around.

Bread For Life Sample Meal Plan

Sample 6-Meal Daily Menu Plan–Phase One

1. One to two slices of bread with low-fat Swiss cheese, bowl of steamed or raw veggies.
2. One to two slices of light bread, two slices of deli turkey, mustard, lettuce and tomato.
3. One to two slices of light bread, spread with a thin layer of low-fat cheese, tomato slices, fresh-ground pepper.
4. One to two slices of light bread, scrambled egg, veggies.
5. Vegetable soup, one to two slices of light bread.
6. Plain yogurt with one serving of fruit. (You can sweeten the yogurt with artificial sweetener).

Sample 6-Meal Daily Menu Plan–Phase Two

1. One cup of pasta with tomato sauce.
2. One to two slices of light bread spread with thin layer of hummus, tomato slices.
3. Grilled chicken breast, low or non-fat plain yogurt with chopped cucumber and dill.
4. Tuna salad with chopped cucumber, carrot, onions and tomato.
5. Vegetable soup, rice-stuffed zucchini and stir-fried veggies.
6. One or two slices of light bread with a thin layer of spread, such as low or non-fat garden-flavor cream cheese.


This particular plan focuses only on the diet aspect of fitness. The recommendation of a particular exercise routine(s), or any kind of workout, is probably the one thing it falls short on. But, this does not imply that it de-recommends it.

In fact, the recommended diet does promise to leave you with more energy to incorporate fitness activities into your schedule; to speed up your journey. And followers of this program may be advised to take up aerobic exercise, such as jogging, swimming or bike riding, for their own benefit.

Costs and Expenditure

The hardback copy of Bread for Life Diet book, complete with meal plans, easy-to-prepare foods and about 2 dozen mouth-watering recipes, is available for $22.95. And this, as a matter of fact, is the only cost associated with this plan; as the foods and ingredients recommended by it are inexpensive and easily available.


  • Budget Diet: As mentioned, the recommended foods being inexpensive, this diet can be comfortably followed on a low budget too.
  • For Bread Lovers: As bread is the main constituent of this plan, it is ideal for people for whom bread is a regular part of their diets.
  • For Carb Lovers: It is a great option for people who love their carbs as well as for those who couldn’t keep up on the low-carb diets.
  • Unisex Orientation: Though women have lower serotonin level, as compared to men; this diet is still equally suitable for both. Their recommended number of bread slices, however differ; allowing women 12 pieces and the men to have around 16 pieces.
  • Meals: The plan allows quite a varied option, in terms of sandwich fillings and spreads; which are not just filling but tasty as well. Moreover, even a number of tasty recipes are included in the book, most of which are extremely easy to prepare.
  • Diet Preference: With vegetables, fruits, chicken, meat, eggs and bread, all being a part of their meal plans; this plan stands suitable for people with almost any eating habit; be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian.
  • Promised Weight Loss: Bread For Life Diet promises to help you lose around 20 pounds of weight; that too in just 8 weeks; which is quite attractive.
  • Easy-to-follow: Concentrating on the kinds of foods and their absolute quantity, this programs saves you the trouble of learning to count carbohydrates, calories or fat grams; to decide what or how much to eat.


  • Not for All: This diet is not suitable for all kinds of people. Firstly, some people may in fact experience an increase in food craving with high-carb diet. And it is also not advisable for people who are gluten-intolerant or have diabetes or other health problems. It is also not recommended for children.
  • Nutrition Insufficient: The foods allowed do not make up for the protein and calcium requirement of the body. The nutritional value of fruits too is undermined.


Carbohydrate consumption, the basis of this plan, is of course known to affect the serotonin levels in the body. However, their relationship is neither as simple as explained by Roz; nor is there any scientific evidence to prove that high-carb intake would lead to weight loss.

And even though it allows for substantial amount of carbs; Bread for Life plan surely lacks in many other necessary nutritional requirements; leading to development or worsening of health problems. In fact, the very choice of bread could upset the balance between levels of serotonin and insulin. Therefore it is advisable for anyone to consult with a doctor before opting for this diet plan.

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