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Bob Harper Diet Background

Bob Harper, the fitness coach on the famous TV show The Biggest Loser, has come out with his book – ‘Are You Ready!’ to share his approach for losing weight effectively and maintaining it. He focuses on getting to the root of the overeating problem, an effective eating plan and also tells about exercise regime which you can adopt, according to your needs. The book seeks to inspire and motivate people to become fitter.

On the show, Bob Harper connected with the contestants by encouraging them to share their emotional state and talk about their negative thoughts that have led them into overindulging in food. He seeks to develop the same relation with the readers of Are you Ready!, by trying to inspire and keep them motivated throughout their endeavor. Success stories of people are stated all through the book, which helps in keeping the motivation level in people high.

Bob Harper Diet Basics

Bob Harper DietTo start with, Harper guides the reader to work to identify the root cause of what is keeping you fat. He talks about negative feelings, low self confidence and other harmful thoughts and mentions ways to get rid of these.  He insists that these are one of the major reasons for overeating and no amount of dieting and exercising can be of help unless they are eliminated. While the dieter should try to control these thought patterns, he should also simultaneously start working towards building his self confidence so that he starts feeling good about himself. This motivates the readers to keep their spirits strong and focus on their objective with much zest.

Harper also talks about effective eating plans, informing about nutrition rich food that are low in calories. He points that this is of dieting but just a healthy way of eating. He lists down the right kind of food providing a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. A number of sample menus are listed to plan your daily eating better. An interesting part is that it even gives tips on eating in restaurant, on a vacation, or when you are in a hurry etc.

Exercise Recommendations

After talking about the right kind of food, he moves to the fitness regime one must adopt to keep fit. Bob Harper presents exercises to burn calories, tone the body and strengthening it. He advocates making exercises a part of your daily life not only to keep obesity at bay forever, but also risk of certain diseases. Besides, it makes your muscles and bones stronger and helps you in leading a healthier life.

Bob Harper lists down 20 minutes to 60 minutes workout plan. It gives a plan for three weeks of exercise plan. The exercises increase in intensity with each day. Most of the exercises are cardiovascular exercises and also some exercises that work on building up strength. These exercises, if made a regular habit, can keep the body strong apart from keeping it in shape.

Recommended Foods

Wasa crackers, tuna, mustard, yogurt, lettuce, oatmeal, brown rice, asparagus, lean beef, nonfat mayo, turkey, strawberries, almonds, eggs, flaxseeds, blueberries, broccoli, chicken breast, spinach, peanut butter, cottage cheese, apples, grapefruit, salmon, whole-wheat bread.

Bob Harper Diet Sample Meal

Morning Snack

Slice of deli chicken with string cheese and mustard


Albacore tuna on a spinach salad with balsamic vinaigrette

Afternoon Snack

Laughing Cow light cheese with a celery stick


Grilled salmon with steamed asparagus and a tossed salad

Cost and expenses

The book by Bob Harper is priced at $10.17.


  • Bob Harper focuses on a holistic approach towards addressing weight loss issues. Importance to the emotional factors responsible has been given as much as any other reason. A truly new approach to address these problems by correcting your emotional and mental attitude towards it is advised. The first step mentioned in the book is to get to frame of mind right and then working towards your diet or workout. This is very important as many people usually ignore emotional issues and just focus on exercising and dieting. If your emotional frame is not right, the exercises and dieting might not work for you. Hence, more holistic view provided in the book gives the reader a new way to look at his set of problems, thereby identifying a new way to address it.
  • The program by Bob Harper also includes success stories. This helps people to identify with these stories and keeps the motivational quotient among them high. Also, the program advocated making physical activity a part of your daily life. Exercising regularly will help you adopt a healthier lifestyle and ensure a shapely body.
  • Bob Harper also promotes maintaining a food journal. This ensures better result of your eating plan. He talks about healthy eating habits and not just less eating. He has also mentioned in the book about eating at restaurants, on holiday and other times when your dieting can go for a toss because of your unplanned schedules. For daily eating, the meal plan he mentions is also easy to stick to and effective in long run. In the end, Harper is a well known expert in fitness and nutrition and you are ensured of the credibility of the source of the program.


  • While the book has the ability to get you started right away, but the result of the program offered might take a while to show. Thus, in some cases, it can be de-motivating for the dieters as most of them are attracted to instant results. Also, the beginners, who have not followed any exercise plan before can face problems in following the exercising routine, as mentioned in the book.
  • The diet emphasizes a lot on the emotional issues related to overeating and obesity. However, such is not always the case. People who are not particularly facing any emotional problems leading them to overeating, can find it a bit deviating from the main issue.
  • One of another major shortcoming of the book is that it does not include recipes. Most dieters are used to following recipes as mentioned in their plan.


Bob Harper’s diet keeps the focus on the emotional issues leading to overeating. Bob Harper seeks to address this problem by identifying and treating the emotional problem, along with an effective eating and exercising plan. He provides a complete approach to make you healthier and thus improving your lifestyle altogether.

Are You Ready!: Take Charge, Lose Weight, Get in Shape, and Change Your Life Forever
By Bob Harper

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