3 Apple A Day Diet


Food Lover’s Fat Loss Plan

Just how many times have we heard the proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? A zillion, I’d say!

Thanks to the fruit’s high fiber and rich antioxidant content, the above mentioned proverb is followed by most as a mantra of life. This vitamin and minerals rich fruit has proven to be beneficial for our health and well being for over centuries. And thus it has proved to be a very important component of an unusual plan of weight loss. Three apples a day diet can make you lose weight without letting you starve yourself, moreover, it is easily manageable and very effective!

Developed by Tammi Flynn, an American dietitian, this 3 apples based weight loss diet plan is a long-term solution. Tammi Flynn holds a Master’s degree in Natural Science from Texas A&M University, a very prestigious institute. The dietitian’s background has proved to be a very helpful factor in promoting this diet solution.

3 Apple a Day Diet Background

3 Apple A Day DietThe 3 apple a day diet is purely based on the nutritional benefits provided by the fruit. Apple is known for having a very low fat content and calories, for example, 100 grams of this fresh fruit is known to provide as little as 50 calories. Besides being low on fat, apple is very rich in dietary fiber and is free of cholesterol and saturated fats. This fruit rich in fibers helps to prevent the absorption of dietary LDL cholesterol.

Besides being heavenly rich in natural antioxidants like vitamin C and beta-carotene, apples also contain quercetin, epicatechin and procynidin B2. Consumption of antioxidants like vitamin C helps the body to resist infectious diseases.  An apple’s antioxidant strength per 100 grams is measured to be 5900TE. These vitamins and antioxidants protect the body from harmful effects and at the same time act as co-factors for enzymes in the metabolism process of the body. Besides being loaded with a variety of vitamins, apples also contain crucial minerals like calcium, potassium and phosphorous.

Therefore, considering the above-mentioned vitamins and minerals contents of the fruit, it is understood that 3 apples a day would provide your body with important compounds necessary for the normal functioning of the body, without any artificial supplements.

3 Apple a Day Basics

A very interesting fact about the 3 apples a day diet is that it does not force you or impose on you certain conditions that restrict you from having your favorite foods. This is also precisely the reason why its called the “food lover’s fat loss plan”. This weight loss plan is very easy to manage by all, as a person is only required to have an apple before every meal. As simple as THAT!

A decent, medium sized apple should be eaten before breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will help people to cut down on their junk and extra diet between the 3 meals. It is possible as an apple contains large amounts of dietary fibers that induce a sense of satiety in the person. This controlled intake of food will help you lose weight.

Apple contains natural sugars, 85% of water, vitamins and amino acids, low sodium and higher potassium levels. This high nutrient composition of the fruit enables a feel good factor to be induced in the body while the natural sugars help to cut down on sweet cravings. The nutrient package in an apple also makes a person feel that whatever food supply he/she is getting, is very accurate and the person fails to see any shortage of nutrients.

While following this diet plan, you must ensure that although you don’t require measurements like calorie counting and the likes, your fluid intake should be kept on a check. Anything more than 4-5 glasses a day could cause an electrolyte imbalance. Besides keeping a check on fluid intake, you must also put a stop to the alcohol intake as it reduces metabolism and is known to boost a person’s appetite for fatty foods.

You can also opt for 6 small meals a day rather than going for 3 heavy ones, moreover, you can also think about consuming low fat dairy products like yoghurt and cottage cheese, low in fat!

Recommended Foods

Apples, brown rice, low fat cottage cheese, lettuce. chicken breast, lean beef, oatmeal, turkey, low fat yogurt, broccoli, salmon, eggs.

3 Apple a Day Sample Meal Plan


Cheese omelet
1 cup cooked oatmeal

Morning Snack

½ cup cottage cheese
½ cup nonfat yogurt


Grilled chicken breast
2 cups steamed broccoli
½ cup brown rice

Afternoon Snack

Cappuccino shake


Grilled salmon
Green salad

Exercise Recommendations

Almost all of the diet plans have a mandatory and rigid exercise procedure. The 3 apples a day diet plan also works more efficiently for the person if teamed up with the appropriate aerobic exercises for thirty minutes a day, regularly.

Aerobic exercises use oxygen in the body’s process of energy generation; they are comparatively low as far as the effort required is concerned and have a long duration. Such exercises are known to strengthen the muscles of the body besides maintaining the body circulation and reducing the fat content. For the dieters experimenting with the 3 apples a day exercise, bicycling, jogging, running and climbing are some of the activities that should be considered. Skating, swimming stair climbing, gym workouts are also some of the options.

Costs and Expenses

The only expenditure that this diet plan requires you to do is to buy crunchy and juicy apples in bulk and thus this diet probably becomes the only one which is easy on your pocket as well as your body. Moreover, your family members can consume apples quite unlike any other dietary supplements as well.

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  • This simple diet plan is known to benefit a lot of dieters over the years.
  • It is a very simple and an easy plan to follow, as there are no rigid guidelines.
  • This plan does not consume a lot of your time as other diet plans.
  • It is a very natural and efficient way to lose weight and stay fit.
  • This plan is very light on your pocket and ensures a gradual but prominent weight loss without the intake of any artificial drinks or pills.
  • It ensures a very permanent weight loss process.


Many followers of this simple yet efficient diet plan were unsatisfied with the results because of the following reason:

  • A lot of people might find this plan to be very monotonous and boring as eating an apple before every meal could make the person frustrated.
  • A lot of people think it to be a copy of the South beach diet plan.
  • There are some who even doubt the nutritional value of apples and don’t opt for this diet.


The 3 apples a day diet is meant for people who are true to themselves and have their required intake of apples everyday and exercise regularly. People looking for an effective diet plan should consider this simple and efficient diet plan.

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