Fat Flush For Life Background

Fat Flush For LifeThe Fat Flush for Life Diet Plan is the main concept behind the book of Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, a respected nutritionist. This program is truly unique and exceptional as it revolves around an individual’s nutrition and weight loss issues. Dr. Gittleman was able to emphasize in her book, that in order to lose weight, one must develop a healthy nutrition plan that can be maintained on a long term. The Fat Flush for Life is a cleansing diet that aims to eliminate toxins, waste products, and excess fat by means of healthy eating, adequate sleep, and exercise.

What makes the Fat Flush for Life Diet Plan different from fad diets is the fact that it is exceptional in providing positive, permanent weight loss results to its followers. Most Fat Flush for Life dieters were able to lose weight and increase their overall health and well-being in the process. Dr. Gittleman’s program is considered highly effective and worth trying due to the fact that it provides a holistic weight loss appproach. The importance of proper and timely food intake is stressed in the book, and starvation is noted as unhealthy and not ideal to induce weight loss.

The detox menu plan that comes with the Fat Flush for Life Diet is very detailed. Even first-time dieters will enjoy following the weight loss program as it provides specific information on what dieters should eat and the food items that need to be avoided altogether.

The exercise regimen that is recommended by Dr. Gittleman in the Fat Flush for Life Diet is not as intense compared to what other detox plans would suggest to its followers. Adequate rest is also recommended to dieters in order to boost energy levels and stimulate fat-burning, which in turn results in successful weight loss.

The Fat Flush for Life diet program is pretty much similar to the South Beach Diet. It has three phases that include a rather limited caloric intake for each phase. The acceptable caloric requirement across all three phases does not exceed 1500 calories/day. For some, the food intake may be very restrictive, but Dr. Gittleman suggested that in order to start losing weight, a low-caloric intake phase should be implemented. In addition, there is limited food selection while going through the first two phases of the Fat Flush for Life diet. 1200-1500 calories per day is the only requirement that can be taken in by dieters. This may not be enough for some, especially among individuals who live busy and hectic schedules. In order to cope up with a highly-stressful lifestyle, one must consume more calories.

However for dieters who are following the Fat Flush for Life program, they are not allowed to eat any form of starchy carbohydrates for a week or two. The restrictions on food intake only last for a month, while undergoing Phase 1 and 2 of the Fat Flush for Life program. Starchy carbohydrates are slowly re-introduced during the third phase of the program. The caloric intake that is recommended in the book should not go beyond 1500 calories. The body will adjust to this caloric intake without experiencing fatigue, weakness, or slowing down of metabolism. The bloated feeling is eliminated during the first two weeks into the diet while the fat loss becomes evident during Phase 2 of the diet program.

Fat Flush For Life Basics

The main highlight of the Fat Flush for Life diet is its all-seasons weight loss approach. Aside from the three basic weight loss phases of this diet program, Dr. Gittleman introduced a year-round approach to dieting that is ideally paired to all four seasons. There are goals that need to be met during each season. Of course weight loss and increased health and well-being are the general objectives for each season, and specific organs of the body are targeted to be improved for each season:

Winter Fat Flush

The tendency of most people during the winter season is to eat more than what they need to keep warm at all times. The aim of the Fat Flush for Life program during winter is to increase a dieter’s immunity level while increasing the metabolism rate as well. Tips on how to increase metabolism without the need to increase caloric intake are provided in detail in this part of the Fat Flush for Life program.

Spring Fat Flush

The Fat Flush for Life diet also introduces “spring cleaning” during this part of the program. The liver is cleansed of toxins and other waste products by eating nutritious food items. A lot of weight loss happens during this period as the intestinal system is cleansed of substances that impede weight loss and decrease metabolism.

Summer Fat Flush

The flushing out process of toxins during warm summer months is further accelerated. The focus during this stage of the program is to totally rid the body of harmful substances and toxic chemicals. The detox process accelerates weight loss as bad cholesterol and unhealthy fat stores are flushed out of a dieter’s system during hot summer months.

Autumn Fat Flush

A dieter’s nutrition plan and eating habits are reprogrammed during the autumn months. Since weight loss has already been achieved from winter to summer, the autumn becomes the period in a dieter’s calendar to start anew by following a new, improved, and healthier diet plan. Good eating habits that were picked up during the rest of the year are strictly implemented starting autumn and are strictly adhered to for the entire year. This is the period where ideal weight loss is maintained, good health is achieved, and a healthier lifestyle is started.

Exercise Recommendations

The Fat Flush for Life Diet approaches weight loss in a holistic manner. Exercise and sports are to be implemented across all three phases and four seasons. It is an integral part of the program, as detoxification is known to speed up when dieters add exercise routines together with a low-calorie diet.

Walking for 40 minutes daily and weight training twice a week are recommended in order for metabolism to be maintained at a high level. In addition, detoxification and exercise is the perfect combination to raise energy levels too.

The exercise regimens are very detailed for Fat Flush seasons. Even first-time dieters wouldn’t have a hard time following the routines as they are both easy to follow due to specific and step-by-step instructions.

Recommended Foods

Vegetables, fruit, cayenne, eggs, tofu, wheatgrass juice, parsley, cilantro, fenugreek, sea vegetables, vegetable juice, flaxseed oil, macadamia nut oil, garlic beans, protein powder, cranberry juice, fish, chicken, chia seeds, sesame seeds, olive oil, cinnamon.

Fat Flush For Life Sample Meal Plan


Hot metabolism cocktail

Morning Snack

2 hard-boiled eggs


2 cups mixed greens
4 oz grilled chicken breast
1 tablespoon flaxseed oil

Afternoon Snack

Hot metabolism cocktail


2 cups steamed broccoli
4 oz broiled halibut

Evening Snack

Hot metabolism cocktail

Costs and Expenses

Fat Flush for Life by Ann Louise Gittleman is available in paperback at Amazon.com for $8.98.

Click here to purchase the book at a discounted price.


  • The diet program was formulated by a notable nutritionist, Dr. Ann  Louise Gittleman
  • It focuses on detoxification as key to weight loss
  • The book includes recipes that are to be followed on a daily basis. This is ideal for first time dieters since they are guided accordingly on how to eat healthy
  • The use of herbal supplements and pro-biotic are introduced as additions that make up a healthy diet plan
  • The exercise regimens are illustrated and provided in detail that even first-time dieters wouldn’t have a hard time implementing them


  • The use of herbal supplements and pro-biotic means additional cost among dieters
  • The restrictive diet may not be able to supply adequate energy for dieters who need more energy for exercise and everyday activities
  • The menu recipes included in the book require longer food preparation time
  • There are many supplements recommended in the Fat Flush for Life Diet, making it a not-so-ideal plan for those dieters on a budget


The Fat Flush for Life Diet by Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman is a revolutionary program that combines improvement of health and well being, detoxification, and fat loss. The findings and recommendations are backed by scientific studies making the Fat Flush for Life diet a truly legit weight loss program.

Many dieters have tried it and were impressed with the long-term weight loss effects that this diet program brought them. Although the Fat Flush for Life diet program isn’t for everybody, those people who are focused and determined to lose weight once and for all can greatly benefit from this healthy weight loss and detox diet regimen. Click here now to start the Fat Flush For Life diet.

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Flat Abs Formula Diet Background

Flat Abs FormulaThe Flat Abs Formula, a flat abs diet was created by fitness and nutrition expert, Charli Cohen. With years of experience in teaching weight loss reduction techniques and strength training to clients of all body types, Cohen was able to produce an 8-module book that provides readers information on how to ultimately lose weight and tighten the abdominal area.

A tight and flat midsection is most often described as desirable and sexy.  Aside from these obvious qualities, a flat and toned abdomen also means good health and well being. The book was made not only to provide workout solutions but also healthy nutritional guidelines in order to accomplish weight loss in a fast and easy manner.

In her book, Cohen was able to break all the myths of developing a flat abdominal area. She exposes everything there is to know about healthy weight loss and how dieters can easily get flat abs just by following her tried and tested formula.

No to Starvation Diets

The Flat Abs Formula emphasizes the importance of healthy eating to promote weight loss. Depriving the body of nutrients is bad as starvation only results in a slower than usual metabolic rate. Slow metabolism directly translates to weight gain and unhealthy accumulation of fats in the body.

Instead of restricting food intake, dieters are encouraged to eat according to their respective body types. According to research studies, each and every individual falls under a certain body type which in turn has a corresponding metabolic rate. The Flat Abs Formula offers a useful tool which dieters can use to identify their specific body type. Once a dieter knows his or her body type, it is only then that they can choose the food items that will aid them in losing excess fats.

Cohen further stresses that weight loss programs which center on a low-calorie diet are harmful to health as well. Food contains nutrients that are responsible to speed up metabolism. Insufficient food intake can also mean nutritional deficiency which then leads to the development of diseases.

No to Extreme Workouts

The Flat Abs Formula makes its readers understand that performing extreme exercise routines is not necessary to develop flat abs. Although exercise in general is good for the body, too much of it is harmful as well.

Cohen managed to apply his expertise as a fitness expert in her book. By incorporating her full-body weight training routines with cardio workouts, a dieter is guaranteed to develop a firm and flat abdominal area in no time.

There’s also need to do a thousand crunches and sit ups just so dieters can gain rock hard abs. Too much exercise will only strain the body. Adequate cardio workout is recommended as this activity triggers the metabolism to increase. Although much emphasis is given to weight training, a dieter should still not forget to do aerobic exercises regularly. Cardio workouts strengthen the cardiovascular system and increase the strength and stamina of a dieter as well.

Flat Abs Formula Diet Basics

Cohen cites a whole array of food items that should be avoided if one desires to develop flat and firm abdominal muscles. Food items and beverages such as dairy products and carbonated drinks should be avoided, or if possible, eliminated from one’s diet. These foods contain chemicals and substances which cause bloated feeling and water retention. Intake of unhealthy food items ultimately leads to the development of abdominal fat.

The intake of carbohydrates is not contraindicated in Cohen’s Flat Abs Formula, since this nutrient is known to provide the energy to the body. A person may not be able to perform even the simplest of daily activities with a low-carb diet. Exercise and workout routines which are integral to weight loss cannot be performed if a dieter simply doesn’t have enough carbohydrates intake. With a low-carb intake, you don’t lose fats but lose muscles instead. The Flat Abs formula emphasizes the importance of eating carbohydrate-rich foods so the body can have energy for daily tasks and workouts.

The 8-module Flat Abs Formula includes information on how dieters should compute for their respective caloric requirements. As mentioned, the amount of calorie needed by the body can only be determined if an individual knows his or her body type. Cohen’s formula provides ample information on how a dieter should go about calculating and evaluating what his or her specific body type is.

The moderate restriction on calories for 10 to 12 weeks is more than enough to induce fast and easy weight loss. Within this timeframe, dieters are expected to develop faster metabolism and a flat midsection as an additional benefit to adhering to Cohen’s Flat Abs Formula.

In order for dieters to avoid plateau, a two-week break from the 12-week diet routine is recommended by Cohen. She postulates that when these simple dietary guidelines are followed strictly, a dieter will be able to maintain and keep the weight loss results permanently.

Exercise Recommendations

Cohen recommends that dieters follow her two ultimate flab exercises in order to lose weight and develop flat abs. These exercises are known to be full body weight training routines that should be combined with moderate cardio workout routines. In her formula she also included an eight-minute cardio workout that dieters can perform anywhere. A dieter doesn’t need to have a gym membership or exercise at a fitness center in order to lose weight and develop rock hard abs. This is heavily emphasized by Cohen in her Flat Abs Formula.

The Flat Abs Formula is a combination of mindful eating with just the right amount of weight training and cardio exercises. Diet and exercise are key factors to firmer abs, good health, and an overall sense of wellbeing.


  • Moderate calorie restriction
  • Dieters are allowed to pick the food items that they include in their diet meal plans
  • Motivates dieters to lose weight and maintain ideal weight on a long-term
  • Provides adequate guidance with workout plans and routines
  • Increases HGH and hence can be used in conjunction with growth programs such as Grow Taller 4 Idiots program.
  • Inspires dieters to set long term, realistic, and achievable fat loss goals


  • Since meal planning can only be created after identifying one’s body type, there are no specific meal plans that are included in the Flat Abs Formula.
  • The calorie counting scheme that one needs to do every meal may discourage people from trying it out.
  • Dieters may not want to try out weight training exercises to achieve flat and firm abs.
  • No recipes to guide dieters to healthy cooking and eating.


The concepts behind the Flat Abs Formula are all based on sound research and studies. However this is the case, dieters may not be that motivated to try out Cohen’s weight loss plan as it lacks nutritional guidelines which most individuals need when following a weight loss program.

Despite this, the Flat Abs Formula was able to provide as much information about how one can build flat, firm, and a toned midsection through ultimate weight training and cardio exercises.

Overall, the Flat Abs Formula is a promising workout program that can bring about desirable results for the active dieter who doesn’t mind doing weight training exercises. This workout plan is ideal for those who already have a healthy and balanced diet in place. The added information on how to get rock hard abs will be helpful as these will give dieters the chance to develop their abdominal area in a faster and more efficient manner.  Click here now to start the Flat Abs Formula diet.

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